Easy way to handle “TAB” in Mozilla Browser

Are you becoming crazy to control your tab of your browser ?


Then “Tab Center” add-on is for you.


What is “Tab Center” ?

Tab Center is a vertical tab add-on which will be a part of the Test Pilot launch in 2016. It is more easy to use then horizontal tab system.

How to install it ?

Step 1: First go to below link


Step 2:Click the Enable Tab Center


Step 3: Enabling going on


Step 4: Tab center Installed


What are the features ?

  • You can create new tab from here
  • From top bar it shows more
  • You can search your desire tab by searching
  • Opened Tab View (mean you can up down your tabs)
  • Shrink sidebar button
  • Move tab to the top
  • Closing all tabs at a time
  • Undo close tabs one by one
  • Able to bookmark all the tabs at a time

Zayed News

Anika Alam Raha

Sauradeep Dutta

Azad Mohammad

Hashtag: #firefoxtestpilotsprintdhaka

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