Moz Activate @AIUB

On the date of 22nd October, 2016 the Moz activate at Aiub happened in Dhaka. The main purpose of the event is to provide information about webcompat and  web compatibility issues .

At the starting Meraj warmly welcomed the participants and tells them about the Web Compatibility and how it works as well.


After that Desh took a session about the importance of Web compatibility.


In the end of Desh session, Khalid introduced to all with Webcompat and also told how to report bug.


After that Desh and Khalid came again to tell about the test pilot and its new 7 features.
The features are:

  • Activity Stream
  • Min Vid
  • No More 404s
  • Page shot
  • Tab Center
  • Tracking Protection
  • Universal Search

When all those sessions are going on all the participants were deeply hearing that and discussed about those.


Then the volunteers distributed the swags among the participants.


After that four active members of Mozilla Bangladesh:Zayed News,Raisa Haque,Tasmia Eva and Sauradeep Dutta shared their experiences related with Mozilla Community and their contribution path way in Mozilla.


At the end of all those one participant (Saif) sang few beautiful song for all.


At the end of the event the group photo was taken.



Event Photograph: MozActivate@AIUB



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