Moz Coffee @ AIUB 2K16

On the date of 4th October, 2016 the Moz Coffee at Aiub happened in Dhaka. The main purpose of the event is to welcome new recruits and introduce them with the path way of Mozilla.

In the starting Asif tells new members about the mission, vision and agenda of Mozilla. After that he congratulated the #mozgirls for their recent successful event.


After that he called Himi ( who attend the event ) to share her experience of that event to encourage new female members.


Then Robin came around to tell about his contribution at #mozqa and the path way of QA at Mozilla.


Papun tells everyone about the contribution process at SuMo and share his contribution area.


Desh recently attending the Mozilla tech speakers event at Berlin and he shares his experience with new ones. He also tell about the way of contribution way in Mozilla tech speaker.


After that Anis tell the way, how one can easily contributing on his own passion. He also tell about the way of contributing in code writing and connecting device.


Khalid tells about the L10N contribution way and shares his experience of recently attending program on L10N happen in Delhi.


At the end of the event, new functional members name are declared. New club lead is:Khalid . Other names are available in Mozilla wiki page.


Mozilla wiki page link: Firefox_at_AIUB

Event photographs: Moz Coffee AIUB 2K16

Event hashtag: #mozCoffeeAIUB2K16


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