Tech Speaker V2.0

Finally the second event of Tech Speaker of Bangladesh is happen in 25th march,2016 at News Cred, Bonani, Dhaka. Like the previous program (Tech Speaker V1.0) it was also successful. There were 5 new speakers who’s found interest on tech speaking joined the event and the old guys from previous event also present there.

The main event start at 10.30 am. Before that Salman Rahman Desh gave a speech on the event later progress.


After that he created 3 mentoring group including 2 mentors. Each group mentoring 1 new member, Salman Rahman Desh mentoring 1 and another new member was mentoring by Khalid Syfullah. Each of the new member gave there 1st speech on different topic and gave there 100%.


Nasir, Akash, Linkon feeling some nervousness but did well at last. As a new speaker Eva and Robin done a good job.
After that, there was a short break for the prayer & lunch. Returning from the break, the main part of the event story telling session occurred, where every new & old member had to tell something  tech related story that happen with his/her life.

To begin Nasir came around with a topic of impact of Social Media on his life. He done a good speech on that.


For the 2nd speech Khalid Syfullah came around with advantages of google map. After that Meraj Kazi came with his motive speech which made everyone refresh. Then Robin gave a very funny & helpful speech on using of google hangout.

The most interest thing happen that time when Nazir Ahmed Sabbir came to speech. He became very nervous, Salman Rahman Desh came ahead to overcome from this. And once he started his speech, he spoke almost 21 minutes which surprise everyone.


Akash, who was a new speaker gave a speech on what he found from Mozilla??. Then Muktasib came with his speech of Mozilla & his life.Riyad came with a silent meaningful speech.


Sauradeep gave a short speech on importance of tech on my life. After that Eva said something about weather portal importance on her life. I (Zayed News) also said some important things of my life which is tech related. Then Linkon gave another funny speech on online games and his childhood.



At the last Salman Rahman Desh also said about his meet up with Internet.


In the event 13 persons were present. They all were interested for the next program which will coming as soon as possible.

Here is some important link:


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