Tech Speaker V1.0

Recently under Mozilla Bangladesh an event was held named Tech Speaker V1.0 at NewsCred, Banani. The main objective is increasing developer awareness and adoption of Mozilla products and the Open Web as a platform by:

  • Growing a base of high-quality volunteer speakers…
  • Supporting their efforts with training for both speaking and content generation…
  • In order to present timely, relevant technical material at regional developer events.

As a result the outcomes will be like that way:

  • Volunteer speakers have improved speaking skills and high quality technical content when representing Mozilla at influential, top-tier developer events, and at relevant regional, educational, and community-run events.
  • Mozilla has a global team of trained speakers to send to conferences, to host workshops, and represent the project in other technical contexts.
  • Speaker materials and assets become easily discovered and accessible (content and templates).
  • Graduates replicate the program in their regional communities.


For doing that each participant have to do some work like:

  • Picks a topic at the beginning of the program
  • Develops a talk on that topic during the program
  • Submits their talk to a conference CFP by the end of the program


In the event firstly every one play a game to find his strength and weakness throw SWOT method, which actually means:

  • S -> Strength
  • W -> Weakness
  • O -> Opportunity
  • T -> Threads


After that there was a session of group speech for 5 minutes where every group contains 2 member. Throw that everyone find some confidence on himself to speak publicly. At the end of the event every one give a speech of random topic for 2 minutes.


In the event 10 persons attend.Salman Rahman Desh conduct the program, Asif Raihan, Sauradeep Dutta, Md Faysal Alam Riyad, Meraj Kazi, Khalid Syfullah, Muktasib Un Nur, Tanvir Rahman, Nazir Ahmed Sabbir and Zayed Ne Ws attend the program.

Here is some important link:


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